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Hot Air Balloon Flight Information and Pricing 

If you have questions about our services or have a special event please let us know. 


Our Hot Air Balloon Rides give you the chance to fly with the winds, safely and comfortably. Along with the breathtaking views of the Hampton Roads area, you will also be able to witness birds flying, talk below to neighbors up early for their morning coffee, or maybe even catch the sun right before it goes to sleep! The experience is like no other form of flight will make memories that will last a lifetime. Below is a sample of a few of our flight packages, however we are always willing to try and accommodate your special requests! We are available for weddings and parties, or even corporate events! All flights meet either 1/2 hour before sunrise or two hours before sunset when the winds are the calmest.

The day of your flight.


Your flight begins at the launch site where if you choose you can assist your pilot and his crew with the assembly of the aircraft.  As the balloon slowly inflates you will watch as your pilot fills the fabric with cold air, and then you will experience the powerful burners heating that air as the balloon climbs up and stretches itself into its true form! Or you may just want to climb in and fly.

After climbing aboard and receiving a safety briefing, we will take flight and ride the winds as our trusty support crew follows along on the ground. In flight, you will have the opportunity to get pictures and video as we climb higher and higher, all suspended by hot air! As you near the end of your flight the balloon will descend to treetop level and look for an appropriate, safe and suitable landing spot to end our travels. Once back safely on the ground the chase crew will be there to assist in packing the equipment back safely into it's trailer ready for another flight! Our flight will end with a recap of the adventure and a celebratory champagne (or sparkling cider) toast and there will be plenty of time for photos! Your entire experience lasts approximately three hours. 

2023/24 PRICING 
1-4 passengers: $375 per passenger
(Subject to weight requirements)  

For single parties, see the Private Flight option below. Passengers ages 8-14 $249 booked with an adult. Please call to discuss flying passengers younger than 8 years old.

Private Flights or Events.

As the same adventure as our other flights, we also offer something for your next special event or occasion. A chance for you to reserve the entire gondola for you and that special someone alone with the pilot! In order to do so, all passenger space in our gondola will be reserved for your party. This will give you a chance to experience this together with no other passengers on board, giving you the ability to create your own magical memories. This is a magical moment for Proposals, Weddings, Anniversaries, Birthdays or other special occasions! Enjoy the love in the are the smiles on faces and let us do the work while you enjoy the memories. We can even provide photography for a small fee! Your experience will last approximately three hours and end with a celebratory champagne breakfast or meat & cheese toasts/ceremony at the end of the flight.
(Pricing my change for Holidays and Special events. Please contact us for your specific date for exact pricing) 

2023/24 Pricing 
4-5 Passengers: $1699

Flight Check Inn and Booking.


To book your Liftin' Spirits Balloon Flight please fill contact form! You can click the link below to book your flight today. To reserve your adventure we accept a $100 reservation fee per person payable by credit card. We will begin planning for your adventure and coordinate everything including crew, launch site availability, and reviewing our meteorological forecast. In the event of a weather related cancellation we make every attempt to reschedule your flight at our next available opportunity. Our reservation fee goes into planning your flight and is not refundable, however if your flight happens to be subject to a weather related cancelation this will be refunded. 

In the event you  need to reschedule your flight, please do so within 7 days before your flight. Inside of three days no changes for any reason can be made to your scheduled adventure.  Once we have confirmed the details of your flight (typically 12-24 hours prior to your flight), an unexpected "no show" will be charged your full fare.  Due to our limited flight availability and crew scheduling.
Remaining payment is accepted in cash, check, or by credit card at time of flight. Credit card payments of the remaining balance are subject to a 3.5% processing fee. We are happy to provide you with an invoice by email of any payment for your records! Tips for our hard working crew are greatly appreciated.

All flights are subject to weather conditions and all passengers must sign a flight waiver before entering aircraft. 

Promotions and Events.


Do you have an event or promotion that need some flare and captures an audience. Having a hot air balloon at a party or wedding can really make some amazing memories. Let us help you get business with a banner attached to our balloon as we float through the sky. 

Balloon Glows/ Static Displays
We also offer balloon glows and this is magical for all to see. The bright yellow flame of our "glow" burner is able to light up the inside of our envelope and the colors come alive dancing with the light. The balloon will light up the night sky as your guests arrive to an evening event. 
Do you need to draw attention for your business this is a marketing tool that will draw crowds to take a look and snap some photos. We can attach your banner to our balloon or basket and help promote your company. 
$1550 per hour, 1.5 hour minimum.

Tethered Rides 
Our balloons are equipped with a three point tiedown system that allows for stationary operation for your next event. This allows us to give dozens of passengers the opportunity to experience a flight in a Hot Air Balloon. Rides can be given for 3-5 people at a time at a height of 75 feet.  90-120 minutes. Having a balloon at your next event can attract more people than we would be able to fly!
$1550 for 90 minutes. $650 for each additional half hour.
(Special events per person pricing may vary from $10-$30 depending on event specifics.)

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